Does a Mobile Car Wash Company Really Need an Operations Manual?

We’ve all seen the mobile car wash trucks driving around town, and cleaning cars at people’s homes and offices. That’s a pretty nice service when you think about it, and surely you’ve considered using this service yourself. Generally, the prices are good, and the convenience is grand. Now then, you might think this is a simple little business, running a mobile car washing company, but it isn’t really. There are lots to think about, and with new employees, if they don’t do the services correctly, they can damage the clear coat on the car. It’s very easy to do, if you are new and you make a mistake.

This is why I recommend that mobile car wash houston tx companies develop their own operations manual. Not only how to clean the car, but also how to drive the work truck, because generally there is a water tank aboard, and the water moves around, making it difficult to drive. It’s also hard of the transmission, wheel bearings, and those tires have to be inflated correctly. If not it becomes dangerous. Also, you may not know this, but there are OSHA laws for high-pressure washers. There are regulations concerning the trigger on the gun, and the length of the wand. If those procedures are not followed, and employee gets hurt, they can sue you.

Of course, if the employee read the manual, that is to say your operations manual for your company, and they sign off that they have read it, and they still get hurt, then you are protected from those OSHA laws, which attorneys use when they are suing employers. Using proper procedures will also help with the quality control, and the finished product. This means your customers will be happy, give you lots of referrals, and sign up for weekly service. So you ask, does a mobile company that washes cars really needed operations manual? Absolutely.

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How long does it take to put together and operations manual? Well, for my company it took me quite a while, although I was developing and operations manual for a franchise company and a franchisee business model. However if you are only running one truck you can keep it simple, and perhaps put together a 20 page manual pretty quickly, and it will protect you from certain types of lawsuits, no it won’t protect you from all lawsuits, but you’d be surprised, as it will go a long way from dissuading employees from trying to sue you, because they know that you have the paperwork intact. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.