Greatest ski-resorts in France

When it comes to making a list of greatest ski-resorts France leads with an ease. France has some of the world’s greatest ski resorts. Courchevel, Chamonix, Les Arcs, Val d’Isère, Tignes are just a few names and the list can be quite long. So let us make a list of the greatest ski resorts in France.

Courchevel: Divided into four villages Courchevel is one of the most frequently visited ski-resort in France. Apart from having the most varied mountain slopes for skiers, it has spas, dance clubs, restaurants, well-equipped apartments. On one side Courchevel 1850 has some of the most expensive chalets whereas Courchevel 1550 offers chalets which are affordable. Courchevel deserves to be one of the greatest ski-resort in France, indeed.

Chamonix: Chamonix is a resort area which is situated at the base of the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc. It is one of the most popular ski resort and the biggest attraction of Chamonix is the cable cars which helps the visitors to have the opportunity of viewing the greatest beauty of the highest mountain of The Alps. It is the first choice for the advanced skiers as it has some challenging slopes for skiing. Though it has all sort of slopes for skiing yet it is a preferred place for the advanced skiers compared to the beginners.

Val d’Isere: It is situated near the Italian Border. It is the perfect venue for all kind of winter sports hence it attracts a large number of visitors who are mostly into playing winter sports. Sightseeing in Val d’Isere is a different experience altogether as from there some of the most spectacular steeps and glaciers which are popular for summer ski runs can be seen. Along with bars and restaurants, it offers a varied range of chalets. Chalet in Val d’Isere gives the homely feel.

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Les Arcs: Known for the long terrain, Les Arcs has the variety of ski area. Les Arcs is the ideal ski zone for both beginners and the well-experienced skiers. The area of skiing is one among the largest and has varied chalets and apartments with modern facilities. The infrastructure is commendable and without any doubt, it deserves a place on the list of greatest ski-resorts of France.

Tignes: Known for the winter season to last most of the year, Tignes which is just beside Val d’Isere, also deserves a place on the list of greatest ski-resort. As the winter season here lasts for the longest period hence people prefer it as a holiday spot in the winter season. The snowy peaks and the glacier slopes can offer a great time to the adventurous side of the tourists.

Morzine: Last but not the least, Morzine is situated near the Swiss border. It’s a ski resort which offers various entertainment activities like skating, skiing, ice diving, snowboarding and other adventurous winter sports. The accommodation is perfect for family holidays hence makes an ideal tourist spot for families. It can be comparatively a small town but the beauty is such that it can compete with any other big ski-resort.