How Has the Vacation Rental Industry Changed Bali’s Property Market?

Bali has long been packed with luxury hotels to budget lodgings, but more recently its tourist accommodation market has seen a huge influx of investment from those looking to cash in on vacation rental businesses. House prices were very affordable 10 years ago. Many Australians as well Asians, especially the wealthier Asians from the Indonesian cities, invested in time shares or simply a holiday home in Bali.

Mostly people would travel to Bali and stay in a hotel. The more regular visitors that had invested in property on the island left their accommodation unoccupied, in charge of a house keeper or allowed a timeshare company to run the property.

With the emergence and popularity of vacation rentals, the dynamics of the way people use property here have completely changes. This change has not been a slow paced take over by the vacation rental industry, but a fast moving one sweeping the property market off its feet. In fact there is some interesting information about just how competitive the Bali property market is right now and how to invest in a villa there – see

And why not?

Vacation rentals in Bali have made the island more accessible in terms of price to far more tourists. With three and four bed room holidays homes spread across the island, groups and families can travel to Bali and book a house to accommodate everyone in one cozy and private place. What’s more is that it is cheaper than staying in a hotel.

Bali’s Vacation Rentals Still Have A Hotel Vibe

One difference Bali has to many other countries also being swept off their feet by vacation rentals is that nearly every one of these houses available to rent comes with a house manager. Usually this is a local that will look after your every need. Either he or she will live locally or in a small room or accommodation on the property.

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It is mainly because the prices visitors are prepared to pay to stay in Bali, despite them being cheaper than a hotel, means that the house owner can pay a local to look after the house all year round. Wages are somewhat low in Bali, and the person looking after the property on behalf of the owner is usually tipped very well by guests at the end of their stay. Mostly because the Balinese have a knack of being superb butlers.

If you are looking for the cheapest time to visit, then this chart here will give you a good idea from

Where to Find Affordable Vacation Rentals in Bali

 To be honest most of the large and well-known vacation rental websites have a wide variety of affordable accommodation. However, there are still cheaper ways to get the same house you would see on say on another website. That doesn’t mean trying HomeAway, it means looking for websites that are independent of the big-name websites.

Thanks to the big-name websites opening up the idea of the vacation rental industry, there are plenty of people out there also creating their own custom vacation rental websites. In fact, many of these hosts will use a website builder like

Now as I know that the people using vacation rental websites that use Lodgify’s website management software are self-managed and not being charged hefty booking fees by sites like, these websites lower their prices in comparison quite a bit.

My trick is to do a Google search for ‘Bali Vacation Rental Lodgify’, then scroll down a bit. You may even need to go to page two if you are looking at a specific area. However, I always find a vacation rental website that using the Lodgify platform. I know for sure I am going to get a better deal than any hotel can offer me, and a better deal than any of the large vacation rental websites can offer me too.

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The Main Effects of Vacation Rentals in Bali

Overall, hotel prices have come down in Bali since the introduction of so many vacation rental websites. Add to the fact there are hundreds, if not thousands of people out there that want to make money from short term rentals on their properties, and you can imagine how many have seen investing in property in a hot tourist destination such as Bali is almost a no brainer, property prices are soaring here.

Although it is hard to get any firm stats from the Balinese local government, as their paper system is still quite outdated bless them, it is obvious house prices are going up considerably on the island and many locals are cashing in on the large offers they are receiving to sell up.

On the other hand, it is a darn sight cheaper to find accommodation, especially for groups, on the island than it has ever been before. Even in peak season prices are lower than they ever have been simply because vacation rentals offer such an affordable option.