How to Shrink Travel Photos Massively

Most people tend to take lots of photos when they go on a trip – which is only natural, as there’s probably quite a lot of great sights that you will want to capture. However once you get back and want to store those photos you may find that they are too large and consume too much space.

One way to make sure your travel photos take up a lot less space is by shrinking them. Because digital cameras nowadays are capable of capturing photos in tens of megapixels, your travel photos are likely to be stored in a resolution far bigger than the screens that you view them on. By shrinking your travel photos massively, you could make sure they are much smaller (in frame and file size), but still look the same.

Needless to say you’re not going to want to shrink all your travel photos one by one – which is why Movavi Photo Batch can be a big help. With it you will be able to add all your photos to the software and shrink them all at the same go. All that you need to do is click the ‘Resize’ button and select whether you want to use the:

  • Scale to width so that you can set the width of your photos and have the software adjust the height to match while maintaining the proportions of the photo.
  • Scale to height to set the height of your photos and adjust the width to match while maintaining the proportions of the photo.
  • Scale to size to set a specific measurement and adjust all photos to fit in that size while maintaining their original proportions.
  • Maximum size to set the largest size of a photo can be and shrink any photos above that to fit while maintaining its original proportions.
  • Scale by percentage to shrink your photos by a percentage of their current size (i.e. 50{82f1ecb7dc5f0208bec8ff1814289d323bcd6c6a04aaadb350afbe7495f2e8ba}, 25{82f1ecb7dc5f0208bec8ff1814289d323bcd6c6a04aaadb350afbe7495f2e8ba}, and so on)
  • Custom size to set the exact size that you want to shrink your photos to while ignoring the proportions of the original.
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Once you choose how you want to shrink your photos in Movavi Photo Batch, you can just click a button and shrink them all at once. Also you could use the other features to rename all your photos and organize them, adjust the image quality, convert them to a compression-friendly format, or rotate and flip their orientation.

Suffice to say it won’t take you long to shrink all your travel photos down to any size you need using Movavi Photo Batch. Because it is so convenient, it is perfect for when you want to shrink and then store large batches of travel photos quickly and effectively.