Hunting Blackbuck Antelope in Texas

There are people out there that love to hunt antelope. Just the idea of bringing home game meat and hanging the antlers on the wall is enough for any man wanting to enjoy the great outdoors. Plus, it is great exercise, and Texans love to use their guns. Why sit in front of the tv all day when you can go hunting for Blackbuck AnteloApe.

A Texas Hunter’s Favorite Game

Blackbuck antelope hunting has long been one of Texas’s favorite hunting pass times. There is nothing like grabbing a couple of good rifles from the safe along with ammunition and heading out with the boys. Sometimes junior would come along too for the fun. This a sport that has been passed down from generation to generation ever since the Blackbuck Antelope came to Texas in 1932. It was placed in the Edwards Plateau and just grew in numbers. It adapted to the environment and became prey.

The Blackbuck Antelope

These antelope eat the vegetation from the ground to sustain their diet. If it snows, that presents a problem because they cannot get through all the thick ice to get to their food source. That is what keeps them from overpopulating because if the hunters do not kill them, starvation will. While their underbellies are white, the top portions of their bodies are a blackish brown. This gives them a very royal appeal. All the males are darker while the females are a lighter hue. Plus, the males have v-shaped horns. This is what makes them candidates for hunting. People want to the horns as a trophy. For animals that are very small in size, the horn makes up for it. Most of these antelopes are now found on game ranches. Their primary predator used to be the coyote but now it is man. Plus, newborn fawns are known to outrun coyotes on a good day.

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The Games Ranches

Some of the game ranches in Texas have the best Blackbuck Antelope running through their fields. Many of them have very nice spiraling horns. Unlike the humans that hunt them, these antelope can withstand the humid hot climate in Texas. With the heats sometimes reaching to 106 degrees, you will find these antelope out frolicking and eating the vegetation. When they do go in search of water traveling long distances to get it is not a problem. During the breading season, the males become very territorial and will defend up to acres of land to keep the other males off. The females can give birth to one buck twice a year. Because they give birth this way, the population growth has been phenomenal. This has made hunters very happy.

Every hunter who has ever hunted the blackbuck antelope can say that it is a rewarding experience. In order to kill one these creatures, a hunter needs plenty of cover. These antelope are very smart, but at the end of the day, the hunter always comes out on top.