Imagine Visiting the Philippines and Enjoying Every Minute of It!

If you love the beach, then you will love the Philippines and its more than 7,000 islands. But the Pearl of the Orient Seas has more to offer than white sandy beaches and emerald seas. And as you get to explore the country more, you will learn why locals say that it is more fun in the Philippines.

Kind and Friendly Locals

No matter where you go in the Philippines, you will be greeted by friendly people. They are welcoming and respectful. They will find a way to be happy no matter what the situation brings them. And when there’s an occasion that calls for a celebration, expect them to sing and dance with you. It is easy to make friends in the Philippines. They will make you feel like you are with family even if you are travelling alone.

Paradise for Nature Lovers

The Philippines has a wide range of plants, birds, and animals. When you travel to Bohol, there you will find the Tarsier, which is one of the smallest species of monkeys on the planet. From the Pandaca pygmea, which is the smallest fish in the world, to the gigantic whale shark, there are lots to see when you dive in the waters around the country.

The country also has a diverse landscape. You can explore the various volcanoes, lakes, caves, and waterfalls. Some of the places to visit in the Philippines are the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Mount Pinatubo in Zambales, and the man-made Rice Terraces in Banaue.

Hot and Sunny with Occasional Rains and Typhoons

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The Philippines has a tropical weather. You will get sunny days all throughout the year, except when it is the monsoon season. That’s when there will be nonstop rains. If you are looking forward to enjoying the sun while at the beach, the best time is between November and May. Typhoon season is between the months of June and October. However, the weather is unpredictable lately due to global warming.

Delectable Food

While Filipino cuisine is not popular across the world, that doesn’t mean the food in the country is bad. On the contrary, Filipino food is very delicious. That might be the reason why the locals love to eat a lot. Filipino food is influenced by the country’s former colonizers, as well as the nearby countries.

The Beaches

A visit to the Philippines is incomplete without going to one of its wonderful beaches. While Boracay is always in the list of top beaches in the world, the country has a lot of islands and beaches for you to explore. And if you can only choose one destination to go to, you should go to Palawan.

The Philippines is blessed with good weather and beautiful places. There are thousands of reasons why you should include the country in your travel bucket list. Cheap flights direct to airports all over the country means the Philippines is just a plane journey away, so what are you waiting for!