Sight Seeing Opportunities To Check Out While In Tampa

Tampa’s astonishing weather makes it an ideal place to go outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery. As such, it’s a great vacation destination for individuals who love the outdoors. From biking to fishing and camping to scuba diving, Tampa offers an innumerable amount of outdoor activities that lies to be experienced. Here are 5 great sightseeing opportunities to consider during your stay at one of Florida’s most exciting cities.

1) Tampa’s Pirate Water Taxi

If you like the idea of being on a boat, but only for brief periods this activity is for you. The pirate water taxi traverses the waterways of the city’s downtown areas and provide convenient access to various museums, restaurants and parks that are along the waterway. The vessels themselves provide seating for as much as 56 people and features a restroom as well. The vessel is small, yet so spacious that it even features an onboard bar for wine and beer. Currently there are 17 stops as to which guests have the option of being dropped off at, for an incredible low rate.

2) Deep Sea Fishing Charter

If you love fishing you’ll be glad to know there are several companies in Tampa that offer any Tampa bay FL deep sea fishing charter boats. If you aren’t familiarized with deep sea fishing, it can be best described as being a special type of fishing which requires a trip far out into the Atlantic. As it name suggest this activity consist of fishing for wildlife that is further that 30 meters into the ocean. Even though the idea of going far out into the sea may seem expensive at first glance, the expenses associated with a private charter boat can be anywhere between $150 – $250.

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3) Tampa Bay Water Bikes

Located on the docks right next to the Convention Center, Tampa Bay Water Bikes provide kayaks, biyaks and water bikes to individuals who want an ideal sightseeing water based activity that gives them the opportunity to view the city’s notorious landmarks. Better yet, unlike most vehicles based providers, safety gear and instructions are provided at no extra cost and reservation can be set up offline or online.

4) Tampa Riverwalk

If you’re in the mood for some land based sightseeing while in Tampa, the Tampa Riverwalk can provide you with an awesome view of the downtown riverfront. The paved paths of this Riverwalk connect to various downtown attractions such as restaurants and parks. It’s also spacious enough to accommodate joggers, walkers, the disabled, bikers and children. Some of the landmarks you’ll be able to view from it include the Convention Center, Tampa Museum of Art and the Curtis Hixon Park.

5) Hillsborough River State Park

If you like the idea of seeing the natural beauty of Florida, without the necessity to traverse deep into the woods or far away from town, this location is ideal for you. Located within close proximity of the downtown area of Tampa, Hillsborough Park is regarded as being one of FLorida’s most popular and oldest state park. The amount of activities you can do at this park are too extensive to list. But, some of them include: canoeing, kayaking, primitive camping, hiking and bike trailing just to name a few.