The Romantic Beach in Seminyak Bali

Seminyak Beach Bali is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world. Explore a variety of attractions, seminyak accommodation and romance Beach Seminyak Bali.

Who is not familiar with Kuta Beach? This beach is the beach which is popular among both domestic and foreign tourists. Is it just Kuta Beach are better enjoyed in Bali? Of course not. There Seminyak Beach that holds its own charm. If you ever feel the beauty of Kuta Beach and wanted to try to explore the beauty in the island of Bali. Try to listen to the charm shown by Bali’s Seminyak Beach.

The Romantic Beach Seminyak Bali

Despite having the same coastline, precisely on the north beach of Kuta, Seminyak Beach is considered to have a calmer atmosphere and peaceful. That’s because Seminyak Beach tend to be more crowded. You’ll feel the atmosphere of the beach is more private, exclusive, romantic evening with your partner. Maybe you often feel the atmosphere of noisy, crowded up is not free to move on the other coast. Therefore, try to come here. Enjoy the beauty and romantic sunset on the horizon.

Seminyak beach Bali is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world. You can still feel the unique atmosphere thick with elements of Balinese culture and customs. So do not worry bored quickly. If necessary, you can spend your vacation time specifically to enjoy Seminyak Beach.

To achieve Seminyak Beach, you only have to drive from Denpasar City as far as 10 kilometers or about 20 minutes. You can also order a taxi or rent a motor which are widely available. In addition, there is also a motorcycle taxi service online. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere slowly towards Seminyak Beach, you can walk for about 30 minutes from Kuta or Legian. Certainly better enjoy walking on the sand from one coast to another coast.

Accommodation in Beach Seminyak Bali

Seminyak Beach is in the same region as Seminyak. There are a wide range of hotels that you can choose to stay, ranging from luxurious hotels to hotel at an affordable price. If you want to supplement your visit on Seminyak Beach be forgotten, try to stay in the best hotels near the beach.

One option is the Hotel Horison Seminyak. The hotel is located at Jalan Arjuna, Seminyak. Its location only within one kilometer of Beach Seminyak Bali. In addition to Seminyak Beach, Seminyak Hotel Horison is also close to Kuta Beach. It is strategically located making it easier for you roam beauty Seminyak Beach and Kuta Beach. According to the website Traveloka, Hotel Horison Seminyak is a four-star hotel that has a good reputation. It can be seen from the high rating given visitors through the site Traveloka.

Culinary and souvenirs from Bali

Around Beach Seminyak Bali, you can enjoy a culinary tour of various specialties Bali, Indonesia, even abroad. Try just visited along Jalan Laksamana or Jalan Oberoi. In addition, you also need to buy a variety of trinkets and clothing as souvenirs typical of Bali. Some examples such as home spa products, batik bali, silver Celuk, craft beads, to the clothes and fabric bali.

For an affordable price, you can choose a variety of specialties in Seminyak Eating Street. There are so many choices of restaurants, cafes, and even stall. You can choose where to eat according to your heart. Of course, every place feels nice and has a distinctive impression. Do not forget to buy snacks as souvenirs for relatives at home. There also are becoming popular for purchase, such as pies milk, peanut disco and pie Legong. In addition, for lovers and connoisseurs of coffee, do not forget to enjoy coffee Kintamani. It seemed to offer a taste of its own. Bring a few for souvenirs at home.

Travel Around Beach Seminyak Bali

In addition to culinary and shopping, you can also try a variety of spa services center that is famous around Beach Seminyak Bali. Despite having a relatively higher rates, the spa facilities at Seminyak has excellent service and luxury facilities. Surely you have nothing to lose. Various experiences on Seminyak Beach this will surely make your holidays bright cheery.

To feel the beauty of Bali Seminyak Beach, you just simply walk alone while enjoying the amazing sights of this world. There is also another alternative to renting a bicycle or motorbike if you want to explore place-

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