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The Perfect Dog House For Your Dog. A dog house refers to a house with a peaked roof and an arched door way at one end where a dog lives. it is a home for the dog. Normally it is called a den. They can either be movable or immovable. They are put in categories depending on materials used to build. Some dog houses are made using wood. It is the most popularly used material to build these dog homes. Wood is cheap and easily maintainable. They are more desired because they keep the dog cooler during summer and warmer during winter. Cedar and Redwood and the best wood to use as they are decay resistant. When grouping wooden dog houses, there are three basic designs. The pitched shaped roof dog house. It is built by putting together two angled panel in the middle of the room. it creates the illusion of a small human home. There is the open roof. This type of dog house has an opening on the ceiling. This looks like a child’s play house. Conclusively, the single panel flat roof dog house. It has a roof that slants from the front side to the back. Second, there are the metal dog houses. This is a dog house made of metal. Aluminium and stainless steel are the primary materials in the construction of metal dog house. Hunting dogs are the primary occupants of the metal dog houses. they are rectangular.
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Another one the plastic dog house. They are made out of plastic material. some are bought as available kennels. Some need to be put together like camping tents.They are uneconomical.
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Lastly, there are the barrel dog houses. They are created from old wine barrels or old metal barrelsThey are curve shaped. A perfect dog house should not be too big. A dog’s adaptation mechanism to the cold season is to generate their heat. If the dog house is too large, the heat will be lost in the unoccupied space, which freezes the dog. Insulation is not necessary for a dog’s home. Use of insulators accumulates moisture and excess warmth which is not good for the dog. Decaying in wooden kennel. Insulators are a health hazard once bitten by the dog, for example, plastics. The door should be too big, just the right size for ventilation purposes depending on the scale of the kennel. People should stop using feeds as sleeping material for dogs. It comes from farms and thus carries a lot of microorganisms that cause diseases.It is an agricultural product, if not disinfected it can bring diseases to the dog. The old blanket should be utilized as a substitute. A real dog house requires proper maintenance. All animals including dogs should be taken care of with love. Getting an ideal home for them is included.

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