Why a Cruise is the Perfect Benchmark for Love

It’s amazing how technology can make or break a trip.  Just thinking about an excursion at sea brightens my mood.  The gourmet cuisine, upscale stateroom, duty-free shopping, and nightly entertainment I’d read about on the website filled me with anticipation.  Looking at it from home, I could see why people rave about cruises they’ve taken over the years.  My husband and I decided Mediterranean cruise would be the perfect way to kick off our ten-year anniversary.  What better way to celebrate staying together for more than a decade than with a luxurious cruise at sea.  And the line we chose was brand new, full of upscale appointments and loaded with luxury.   The anticipation was building.  The passage was booked.  The day was fast approaching and I hadn’t even picked out my wardrobe.

Fortunately, I knew just what to do and quickly searched the Groupon site for women’s clothing.  There were so many choices that popped up I didn’t know where to start.  But I chose Loft because they offered the sophisticated styles I needed and the casual wear I wanted.  I even got a great deal on my swimwear, sunglasses and a really dramatic statement necklace for our special anniversary dinner.  I loved the ease of shopping the site and really saved a lot of money by doing so.  I got $25 off my first order, free shipping, and the whole thing took less than an hour to complete.  That’s less time than it takes me to shop two stores at the mall.  And I don’t have to chase after the goods, they’re coming to me.  I love shopping Groupon for so many reasons, convenience is just one of them.

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Armed with our travel brochures, we set off for the first leg of our journey.  We spent the night near Charleston, the point of departure, which was the same place we met and went on our first date.  I couldn’t believe how far we had come until I savored the moments that night. Yes, we’re set to board the newest ship in a toney cruise line, relax in our elegant master suite with mahogany touches a private veranda and marble tubs.  But the best part of the trip was waking just before sunrise and watching the sun come up together.  Just as we’d done on our honeymoon at a little bed and breakfast we could hardly afford, ten years ago.